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Trass Family Motorsport

Performance Road Car Maintenance & Enhancement:
  • A one-stop-shop for servicing & repairs, exterior, interior, tuning, exhausts, paint, sound systems, intakes, carbon fibre work, turbocharging, ECU's, navigation & infotainment

  • Independent servicing of Ferrari vehicles

Vehicle restoration:
  • Wiring, interior, paint & panel

  • Available for new, pre-loved, classic and collectors vehicles

  • Exhausts, intakes, aluminium, titanium repairs, tanks, custom, roll cages, carbon fibre

Race car maintenance and repairs: 
  • Servicing and prep between events

  • Race alignment & setup work

  • Suspension

  • Chassis prep

  • Full-service support at the race track

  • Re-fuelling & logistics support to/from events

Fault diagnostics:
  • From historic vehicles to brand new models

Parts sourcing & Custom Manufacturing:
  • Sourcing of 'hard to find' parts

  • Re-manufactured Ferrari Flamblocs etc

  • Genuine or aftermarket options

  • Bushes & mounts, one-off batches, gaskets etc

Performance Engine & transmission building:
  • Many many years of experience in race-car engine building and cam work 

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