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  • F1E

    F1 Hot Laps with F1 EXPERIENZ

    As far as hot laps go, no vehicle on the planet can hold a candle to Formula 1. In the summer of 2015, Kiwi race fans will finally have that chance with the TFM F1EXPERIENZ. Click through to learn more.

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  • F1-Sim

    F1 Simulator Hire

    It's not the real thing, but it's pretty close! Players of all ages can take the wheel of TFM's authentic F1 simulator and race a variety of cars at the world's most famous circuits. Click through to learn more.

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  • 430GT3-Racing

    TFM You-Drive

    TFM You-Drive

    Here is your chance to be a racing driver for a day, and live the dream behind the wheel of one of three TFM Ferrari GT racers!

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